Saturday, January 28, 2012

I finished the book!

Hey world,
So I finished the MWF Seeking BFF. I thought it was enjoyable and full of good ideas. In fact, I totally plan to do it, as soon as I get that driver's license I'm totally in the process of getting. It might be harder since I'm not closer to 30, like everyone on sites like or are. On the other hand, this is because people my age theoretically meet people more easily because of classes and stuff, so maybe it will balance out to be fair. I've only been in this area for 5 months, but I've made one sort-of-kind-of-except-we-never-get-together-except-that-one-time friend. I'm so glad I picked up that magazine in the airplane, because hopefully I can fix this friend-less problem before I've been here for 2 years.

It's even possible I'm on a self-help kick lately. I've decided to read The Happiness Project next. I'm not sure if these books count as self-help. They're slightly different than The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, for example. But whoa, as I was making that link, I just realized I can read an electronic version of it for free, since I have Amazon Prime. I guess I'm officially on a self help kick.

So in the last five years or so, I've been trying to sort of keep control of my internet presence. I only used Facebook until it became popular, and even then I only friended people I really knew well in real life. I used twitter the same way. I've recently switched to Google Plus, solely because it's not widely used. It was fun for me, since I basically haven't used Facebook in 5 years, at least. Now I'm making the active decision to get over that, I think. I mean, clearly I've started a public blog, right? I always refrained from reviewing things on Amazon because I wanted to have less of me on the internet, plus, how much weight can one review ever have? But I think I might even start doing that. Blogging and Facebook are probably overall a positive thing for friend-making, right? I think I'm even going to embrace things like... texting. I have this silly feeling that this will make me less interesting. But I think mostly that's insane, and my dislike of texting is probably more annoying to the world than interesting anyway. Best case scenario, I'm super interesting because I don't text or facebook, and so no one knows I'm super interesting.

More about the Friending Plan:
My favorite part of the book was at the end, when she gave some statistics of her 52 dates. She mentioned how many she only saw that one time, how many she only saw one more time, how many moved, how many she tried to pursue but it didn't work out, and how many she considers actual friends. It's nice to have this basis for reality, I think.
So currently I have a few ideas, like cooking classes and book clubs, etc. But I also think I'm going to get (personal) business cards. Maybe it's because Rick has been taking me to too many parties lately full of lawyers, but, I've come to think it's much easier and less awkward to hand someone a card with your information than to attempt to find a pen, or look like an idiot (in my case, at least!) when you don't know how to use someone's smartphone. Plus this way, I can just tell them how to internet-stalk me, which (since I'm sure everyone does it anyway - especially girl potential friend date people) is sort of a courtesy. Plus with the images and colors and fonts I choose, the person can get an extended sort of feel for me. So yes, this is the plan. Now only to procure glasses so that I can drive.

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  1. Friends are good. As long as they don't replace me! Love you!