Friday, April 6, 2012

2 Quirky things I've discovered lately

So I've discovered two amazing, and kind of quirky, things lately.
The first is yet another use for the ever-versatile mason jar. I was bemoaning the nonexistence of glass jarred personal blenders (like a glass jar magic bullet!) when the internet told me that most blenders will fit a mason jar! As it turns out, you can screw the blade part of your blender jar right onto a mason jar, creating a glass blender jar that you can drink from. And of course, mason jars come with lids, so it's a to-go cup! Apparently back in the day, blenders actually came with a mason jar in the box. This discovery has been an amazing addition to my mornings, as I can now put smoothie ingredients in a jar in the fridge at night, and in the morning all that's left to do is blend and run. :)
The second is just in time for Easter. Natural Easter egg dyes have been circulating the internet forever, and Martha Stewart popularized silk printed Easter eggs, but have you heard of Onion Skin Eggs? As far as egg decorating goes, it's a relatively easy process. All you have to do is wrap onion peals, and then white fabric around the raw eggs, then boil to cook as desired, and then unwrap and admire! This is one of my favorites so far, as you get to do much more designing than with other forms of egg decorating. And it's kid friendly!

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